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Access Control Gates is a dedicated provider of emergency repair services to our clients night and day.We are improving on our emergency response time to Two (2) hours or less from the time the initial call for help is received. Already considered one of the fastest responders in the home construction industry, this new response time puts Access Control Gates well ahead of any other emergency garage door repair technicians in the greater Los Angeles or Orange County areas.

Emergency Garage Door Repair

We guarantee that we will provide you with emergency service and repair, no matter what the conditions. No job is too small, and we understand the importance of getting there quickly, doing the job right, and helping you keep your piece of mind in the comfort of your home or your place of business. Our low priced, quality service is guaranteed to make you happy.

We offer on call emergency service for your garage door, garage door springs replacement, electronic Gate, Estate gate or House Gate service that might be required in the event of an accident or just due to wear and tear.

Whether in your home, we understand this can be as serious as a hole in your roof during a rainstorm or lord forbid, a satellite TV outage during the playoffs. No matter the emergency, the Garage Door and electronic gates technicians of Access Control Gates will be there for you.

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