New Electric Gate Installation

Driveway and walkway gates, Swing, Slide or Overhead.

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Access Control Garage Door &Electric Gates offers a large variety of gates to suit you home or business. All the gates we provide are custom made – We stand behind our work – all the gates we make are of the highest quality and are made to last. You are welcome to contact us at any time to schedule a free consultation appointment.

A residential gate typically represents over 50% of a Los Angeles home’s exterior. For this reason, its appearance, construction, and safety are all critically important. At Access Control Garage Door & Gates, our consultants are committed to helping you select a manual or automatic residential gate or garage door that complements your home’s exterior, while maximizing the gate’s efficiency, functionality, and safety for your family. The value of a new residential gate or new garage door is very personal and is largely based upon what you feel is most important to your family.

At Access Control Garage Door & Gates, we offer the largest and most diverse selection of residential gates, including automatic electric gates with a access control system and commercial security gates for businesses. We also carry the largest and most diverse line of residential garage doors and garage door openers many of which can be seen in our garage door and gate showroom. In addition, we have the largest selection of commercial garage doors and commercial operators in Los Angeles, Ventura County and Orange County. We are committed to helping you select the perfect product for your home or business and would love to serve you.

Overhead Gates

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When security is a priority, but you want to maximize air circulation, light infiltration and visual access to interior spaces. Access Control recommends Overhead Gates. They come with Wide variety of styles, materials and looks.

Overhead gates are recommended for security against theft, weather, damage and other applications where a space saving, low cost closure is required. No matter how large or small the job or how unusual the application, Access Control Garage Door & Gates has Overhead doors that will meet your individual specifications. Overhead coiling doors and commercial doors are available in different materials including galvanized, prime painted, stainless steel, aluminum, and more.

Our Overhead coiling doors are engineered to meet your specific heavy duty steel doors needs. They are fast action service doors that will hold up for years.Truly the best advantage of Overhead gates is the amazing fact they are self-supporting when mounted on tubes. Project managers can have the grille or closure installed with just the concrete slab and ceiling joists in place. Operation can be manual push-up, crank assisted or motor operated.

Sliding Gates

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Sliding driveway gates have benefits and drawbacks just as swinging gates and overhead gates do. To decide which is best for your property you need to consider several factors, like the space available, the level of security you want and how much you want to spend. Sliding driveway gates require little room to operate. Nonetheless, the ground does have to be level enough to allow the gate to slide freely. If you have fencing, then the gate simply slides open parallel to the fencing. Any shrubs or other objects may have to be moved.

Sliding Gates presentation welcomes friends into your home while also deterring unwanted intruders. Available in Sliding or Swing style in Steel or Aluminum. Sliding Driveway Gates have the effect of adding useable space. You will notice that your driveway becomes a fine place to play rather than a hazard. In all, Sliding Gates can add both function and beauty to your home. Sliding Gates will set your home apart from the rest, bringing an extra level of grace to the look and feel of your property. They are not just for security, they are for your exterior design. Pillars offer a perfect backdrop for either intimate or intricate landscape design.

Swing Gates

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Swing gates come as single or double (bi-parting). A single swing gate is the most economical and easy to install of all gate systems. This also holds true for the automation on single swing gates. Single swing gates have a practical limited width of about 16′. Gates wider than 16′ do exist and gate operators are available to handle 20′ wide gates.

Bi-parting swing gates are considered the most elegant entryways. Bi-parting gates can be much larger; up to 32′. Commonly most gates are between 12- 24; in width. For a clean, well-designed appearance do not allow for more than 1″ space between leafs on bi-parting gates. Grade beams are recommended on bi-parting gates.