Bent Garage Door Tracks

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If your garage door is having problems opening and closing, a number of issues could be the cause. Often times, a bent garage door track is to blame. This is the section of the garage door that guides the door’s rollers, and keeps the door in its place. If your garage door movement is hard, especially in the area where opening and closing the garage door proves difficult, it’s been bent somehow. This can happen due to a car hitting the garage door, or a person kicking or falling into a garage door. When faced with a problem like this, it’s probably a good idea to call in a specialist for a repair. If you try to repair the garage door track on your own, you run the risk of damaging it further, as well as potentially damaging the rest of the garage door assembly if something goes wrong.

With tracks running on either side of the garage door, it is imperative they are aligned properly. Many people think a bent or misaligned track can be beat out with a hammer but that can cause even greater damage to the alignment and put the whole system at risk. Screws and bolts will likely need to be taken out in order to properly fix the track. Overhead Door provides expertise in track service and is happy to help our customers with their repair needs. Any type of garage door repair can be dangerous. It’s always a better bet to go with the professionals in order to avoid injury or additional costs.

A bent track might be able to be straightened. However once the metal has been stressed enough to bend, it might not be strong enough to function safely. In many cases, a bent track should be replaced. It is the safest route. A roller is such a relatively inexpensive component that replacing it is a cheap way to make sure your garage door system is in good working order.

At Access Control Garage Door and Gates. we can determine the problem with your track or rollers quickly repair or replace any track components or rollers. Whether you have a Standard Lift, Vertical Lift or High Lift track system our technicians it’s installed straight and anchored correctly to maintain proper, quiet and efficient operation so that your opener can work at its peak efficiency, preventing future problems.

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