Free 25-Point Safety Inspection

The United States Consumer Safety Commission states, that since 1990 an average of 20,000 people, each year are treated by Hospital Emergency Rooms for injuries related to garage doors. Our normal service call includes our famous 25 Point Safety Inspection. When you schedule a repair appointment from Access Control Garage Door and Electric Gates Service, our trained technicians will not only complete the repair to your complete satisfaction, but will identify any other issues that might affect the safety or performance of your garage door.

These are the main points we check with every job:

  • √ Door Balance
  • √ Springs
  • √ Rollers
  • √ Cables
  • √ Safety Cables
  • √ Drums
  • √ Center Bearing
  • √ End Bearing Plate
  • √ Pulleys
  • √ Forks
  • √ Shaft
  • √ Hinges
  • √ Brackets
  • √ Tracks
  • √ Hinge Arms
  • √ Strut / Truss Rod
  • √ Spring Anchor
  • √ Bottom Weather Seal
  • √ Panel Condition


Our repair service includes your annual All-Point Safety Inspection. We begin every job with a 25-point inspection, so you can be confident that you’ll know exactly what the problem is with your opener before having to make a decision. After performing a complete 25-Point Safety Inspection, our service technicians offer their best recommendation based on safety, cost effectiveness, and value to the customer. Our technicians work with your individual needs and will also offer alternate solutions.

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