Replacement Of Sections Or Panels


Garage door panels make up the body of your garage doors. They compose the main sections of your garage doors so you should always check if yours are already broken or damaged. There are a lot of different garage door types such as single-paneled garage doors, sectional garage doors (also known as multi-paneled garage doors), slide-up garage doors and roller garage doors. Because each type of door has a different number of garage door panels that go along with it, finding a replacement that will perfectly fit your garage door is a task that might prove trickier than you expect.

Exact garage door panel replacements are not that easy to find. If you have one broken panel in a sectional garage door (which are usually made up of 4 to 8 garage door panels), you might realize that doing a whole garage door replacement is much practical. Most of the time, people who own sectional garage doors even find it easier to replace the horizontal section of the garage door where the broken panel is located. However, if you don’t have enough money to cover a whole garage door replacement project, finding that one perfect garage door panel is all you can resort to. To help you on your hunt for a garage door replacement panel, here are some tips that you can consider:

Tip # 1 : Check the manufacturer of your Garage Door As obvious as it may seem, this first step is usually the most overlooked procedure when searching for a garage door panel replacement. Because people get so excited and anxious in finding a replacement, they forget that each sectional square panel has a unique manufactured design. Unless you are working to customize the look of your garage door, an exact replacement that fits the your garage door can only be provided by the original garage door manufacturer. If you know the name of the company who created your garage door, pinpointing the exact model for your broken panel is a lot easier to accomplish.

Tip # 2 : Measure the size of the broken panel accurately Nothing is more annoying than ordering a garage door panel replacement that doesn’t fit your garage door. Returning a wrong panel is another annoying task. In order to avoid this nuisance, make sure that your measurements are 100% accurate. Compare the length and the width of the measurements that you have done with the size of your other garage door panels. Once you are done double-checking (or triple-checking) the measurements of your door panel, only then should you start placing an order for a replacement.

Tip # 3: Take pictures of your garage door and include as much information as you can before you make an order To make it easier for your garage door manufacturer to find the exact panel replacement for your door, provide as much information as you can. As a rule, make it a point to at least include images and photographs of the exact garage door panel replacement that you need. Although providing the model name or model number of your garage door might be sufficient for some manufacturers, giving additional information will definitely not hurt. To avoid added complications such as getting non-fitting panel replacements, take pictures of your garage door and promptly send it to your garage door manufacturer.

Garage door panel replacement depends on the type of door, the age of the door and how much the panels are damaged. The door hinges are cheap they cost like 30 dollars but the panels are a bit higher and you must find a matching color and the matching gauge. And now here is the tickler ; with 3 of the 4 garage door panels damaged you are better off replacing the whole garage door. This is the advice from most experts. If the cost for panels for a door is 80% of the total cost of the door then you better replace the door. So if you have a door that has the panels messed up then consider replacing the door.

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