Broken Garage Door Cables

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Probably the most common breakdown of components with standard up and over garage doors is that the suspension cable on either side of the door will snap causing the garage door to either drop down to one side (often jamming between the surrounding frame) or making the door its self become near impossible to open.Sometimes however it can be that both cables have broken, usually the second breaking due to the added tension transferred from the first cable failing.

Firstly it is highly recommended to always change both cables and cones (the tapered plastic element at either end of the spring carrier bar) at the same time. This is common practice and is done to alleviate a repeat (breaking) performance through uneven wear.Cable and cone packs, although very similar are specific to each garage door manufacturer.

If the lift cable falls out of the groove it is supposed to ride in, it will throw your garage door out of alignment. This usually happens when a door is bumped during travel, or slammed on the ground. If you open the door when it has a cable off the drum, you could end up with a hung door, a much more expensive problem to fix. Do not run your door on the electric opener! This is a good reason why you should make sure that no garden tools, boxes, or anything else is placed somewhere that it could end up under your garage door.

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