Replacing Worn Gears


Shredded plastic gears are a common problem with chain-driven garage door openers. Fortunately, the repair is neither difficult nor expensive, and it should only take an hour of your time. So, if you suddenly find that the motor on your garage door opener sounds like it’s running, but the door is not moving, checking for worn gears is the first thing you should do. Here are the steps involved in inspecting and replacing garage door opener gears.

If the problem you are having with your garage door opener does not seem to be related to the gears, take a look at Troubleshooting the Most Common Garage Door Opener Problems.

Preparation Unplug the garage door opener. Pull the emergency release rope, and then shut the garage door by hand. Remove the cover from the garage door opener.

Inspect the Gears Examine the white plastic gears. Do the edges appear to be worn down or shredded, like those in the photo? If so, you will need to replace them. Find the make and model of your garage door opener, and then start shopping for a new gear kit.

Access Control Gates can inspect the worn gears for you, and if needs be will replace them with new ones. Our technicians are able to do a through inspection to find out the conditions of the gears. We will notify you upon inspection and together we can figure-out the steps we should take.

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